Non-invasive treatment against cellulite
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La cryolipolyse | Institut Derma

The cryolipolysis

The cryolipolysis destroys grease by the cold. It is a non-invasive liporeduction acting on located fatty masses: belly, buttocks, arms, hips, inside of thighs,… Adipose cells degrade without wronging adjacent tissues. A session of cryolipolysis is followed by a session of cavitation to increase its effect.

The launching of the process of deterioration of adipocytes causes the apoptosis and their progressive dissolution and their natural elimination in 3 weeks. This explains the importance of a healthy metabolism (DERMA method) not to overload organism.

Persons concerned

Those who have a normal BMI but fatty very located mass (belly, hip, jodhpurs). 1 to 3 sessions are required.
Some contraindications can apply, please consult us to discuss it.

Rate: from 250 to 300 € per session for a zone. Possibility to treat 2 zones at the same time (ex: belly and thighs). Decreasing rates

To conclude, no technology by itself provides any miracle solution. It is indeed necessary to clean up your organism to restart an internal dynamics allowing to drain the fatty evicted cells. For in case of a tired metabolism, elimination will be less efficient. It is this synergy which is the key of success!

A Diagnosis Consultation is proposed to you, during which we will take different measures and necessary data before any proposal of protocol, taking into account your specific needs, your metabolism, your availability and your budget. The monitoring consultations are included in our protocols. Do not hesitate to book an appointment.