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Face Anti-Aging Packs

Non invasive treatments

Premium Pack

Anti-Aging & Acne

Perfect from 50 years old
Global protocol to act on all anti-aging issues.

Session 1 : HiFu + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 2 : ThermoNutriLift + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 4: Rollone + Light Therapy
Session 5: Rollone + Light Therapy
Session 6 : HiFu + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 7: ThermoNutriLift + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 8: Rollone + Light Therapy
Session 9: Rollone + Light Therapy
Session 10: HiFu + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask

1 380 €


Anti Aging Gold Pack

The Preventive Care

Ideal from 40 years old
A real boost for your face, this Pack is made to stimulates the collagen before the signs of time take place on your face. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on your chin, your neck, and your cleavage.

Session 1:  HiFu +  Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 2:  ThermoNutriLift + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 3: HiFu + Light Therapy + Collagen Mask
Session 4: ThermoNutriLift + Luminotherapy + Collagen Mask

900 €


Radiance Boost Pack

Radiance Booster

ideal for seasonal changes before 30 years old
Once a month after 30 years old.
Ideal for Anti Acne care

Session 1: Oxytherapy + Rollone + Light Therapy
Session 2: Mesotherapy without needles  + Light Therapy
Session 3: Radiofrequency + Light Therapy + Mask according to your skin type

230 €

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Facial Anti-Aging Care

Non invasive treatments

The HiFu

Lifting without surgery, efficient against wrinkles, tightening the derms, reshapes the ovale of the face, the nec plus ultra of Anti-Aging care.

By getting old, inevitably, skin becomes slacken and lost its elasticity. Many techniques exist, including surgery. For the persons who do not wish a surgery with all its potential risks and who wish to keep a natural-looking face, the High-Intensity Focalized Ultrasounds (Ulthera R) is the ideal alternative solution.

  • Falling eyelids
  • Sagging ovale of the face
  • Double chin
  • Skin slackening (jowls )
  • Body laxity, cleavage, arms, thighs, belly,…

From 100 to 400 €

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The ThermoNutriLift

Redensifies and renews collagen by heating the supporting tissues until 65° C, destroying the bridges hardening the collagen and relaunching its synthesis.

The Face

  • Tightens jaws and skin
  • Reshapes the ovale of the face
  • Improves texture and elasticity of the overall face
  • A more radiant, less tired face.

The Body

  • Efficient on the excess of skin

CIts a progressive firming for a younger skin. The results can be moderate to spectacular. Used from 30 years old, it will give a true radiant boost.

From 80 to 380 €

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The radiance Booster Care

From 25 years old

The oxytherapy

It’s an exfoliating and nourishing care. The oxygen care stimulates micro-circulation and allows a better absorption of the active ingredients. The skin is rejuvenated, the complexion is brighter.

  • Produces a micro-peeling
  • Propulse active ingredients adapted to your needs to reactivate micro-circulation

The light therapy

It uses light in its different colors and wavelengths to relaunch the production of collagen and elastin.

The association of these two techniques is one of the most efficient solutions to improve the tone and the firmness of the skin.

90 €

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Revealing women's beauty, preserving it over time