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Our Mission

“Bringing together the best of science and technologies to reveal women’s beauty and preserve it over time, this is Derma Instituts’ mission.”

Anti-Aging & Slimming Care

The DERMA Institut’s care combine the best of technologies to tailor-made exclusive protocols, from Lifting without surgery to body slimming and remodeling.

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DERMA Instituts introduces an exclusive beauty and health, combining micronutrition and high technology anti-aging and slimming care.

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Cabin Beauty Care

DERMA Instituts welcome you as well for your Face and Body Cabin Beauty Care: hair removal, anti-acne and anti-aging care by oxygen therapy and LED therapy, slimming care,…

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Revealing women's beauty and preserving it over time

By Brigitte Papadopoulos
PhD in Sciences, founder of DERMA Bioexpertise
Throughout the life, the human being changes, passing from childhood to adolescence, adulthood, taking the role of a parent, of a grandparent, with, for women, this more intense hormonal specificity. Each stage involves physical, physiological as well as psychic modifications. The scientific body agrees to say that the process of aging starts between the 28th and the 36th year. Thus, after maturation starts decline, around thirty years old.

Aging starts in our cells. While a part of it is encrypted in our genes, we can influence its rhythm of progression. My doctoral research task showed that if we can not choose our genetics, it is possible for us to influence it by our hygiene of life and our nutrition. Aging is an inescapable process. However, slowing down this process to limit the weakening of the physiological and cerebral functions is a completely desirable and achievable wish. It is for this purpose that I created exclusive protocols combining the best of high technology – Hi-Fu, radiofrequency, oxygen treatment, Liposonic, cavitation, infrared, Lipolaser, cryolipolysis, LED therapy, pressotherapy – with antioxidant techniques, to slow down and compensate certain biological mechanisms, for fast, visible, and long-lasting results.

Nutrition brings to our body the nutrients, micronutrients, and antioxidants necessary to its good performance. However, beyond the good health, our food can and must be able to maintain the hydration, the tonicity and the elasticity of our skin. Thus over time, our food choices, as well as our cooking methods, are strategic. By associating the science of micronutrition in its protocols of care, Derma Institut gives a new dimension to your beauty. Because the true beauty, the one that defies time, is born inside your organism.

For the signs of times already installed or the small unwanted bumps that can annoy at any age, we use non-invasive new technologies. They erase the signs of time, refine the grain of the skin, reduce the brown stains and couperose, reshape the oval of the face and dissolve the unwanted roundnesses.

With its custom-tailored, exclusive care protocols combining the best of science and technology, DERMA Instituts take care of you such as you are: a unique woman.

I wish you a beautiful visit.

Brigitte Papadopoulos
PhD in Science, founder of DERMA Bioexpertise