Lifting without surgery by HiFu

Traitement non invasif contre les rides et le relâchement cutané
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Operation Principle

From the age of 30, we lose each year 1% of muscle and collagen. The Lifting without Surgery by HiFu stimulate the dermal cells to produce again collagen in large quantity.

HiFu is the acronym of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This technology initiated in the United States proved its efficiency on several thousand people. It received the precious FDA agreement for the treatment of the sagging skin.
After having studied many technologies and exchanged with many fellow scientists, I decided to integrate this technology with DERMA Instituts.

The Pre-Operative Interview

In a Pre-Operative Interview, we will analyze your specific needs and establish our recommendation and a quote. According to your needs and wishes (treatment of the chin, of the ovale of the face, of the eyelids or of all the face), 2 to 3 sessions at intervals of a few weeks will be required. The cost varies according to the targeted zones. The results last from 2 to 4 years according to your age and your lifestyle.

The HiFu operation is comparable to sunrays which would pass through a magnifier to focus on a single point, without its negative impact.

HiFu | Esthéscience

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Synergistic treatments

The device applied on the face is equipped with a transductor (the magnifier) which focuses several times on the same line about ten focalized ultrasound beams (the sun). Those beams produce minuscule coagulation points causing a retraction participating to tighten the deep tissues,(muscles, aponeurosis) and the superficial tissues (facial skin), like a mini-lifting.

During the Pre-Operative Interview, we will propose you as well a revision of your nutrition in order to nourish your skin with essential nutrients for the production of high-quality collagen and elastin. Specific antioxidants, as well as a reeducation in facial gymnastic, will reinforce the efficiency against aging and skin slackening.

Video demonstration of the HiFu, University of Nevada, Faculty of Medicine