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The newest technologies for long lasting hair removal are not painful anymore. Thanks to the system Cool Skin, it is possible to work on higher powers of about 35 joules without any feeling.
The rhythm of flash is higher, allowing shorter sessions, about 30 mn, even on medium size zones.

It is not advised to expose your skin to the sun before a session. A sun exposure is possible after a session subject to applying to depilated zones a sunscreen.
5 sessions are necessary for a well-manicured job. That is why we offer you especially studied Subscriptions. All further modifications are included.


Small Zones

5 sessions

Chin, Lips, between eyebrows,
Toes and fingers

200 €

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Medium Zones Subscription

5 sessions

Face, Neck, Nape, Hands, Feet, Armpits, Classic bikini line

325 €

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Large Zones Subscription

5 sessions

½ Legs, ½ Arms, Buttocks, Brazilian bikini,
Torso, Abdomen, Shoulders

425 €

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Very Large Zones Subscription

5 sessions

Entire Legs, Back + shoulders, Torso + Abdomen, Entire arms
Entire Bikini on quotation

625 €

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Freedom Pack

5 sessions

1 session per month on 1 year
All zones

1 080 €

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Beautify women and preserve their beauty over time