Other slimming technologies

Non-invasive anti-aging and slimming treatments
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The Lipo Contour Laser

This treatment consists in applying pads issuing a Laser on zones to be treated with the body or with the face. The Laser launches the lipolysis, creating micropores at the level of adipocytes. This excess is then eliminated by the organism.
A session includes from 5 to 10 sessions, with a weekly rhythm of 1 to 2 sessions of 30 minutes maximum. The care is completely painless, the only perceptible feeling being the light heat of pads. Any types of problems can be treated:
• Reduction of diffuse and located adipose panniculus (cellulitis and located grease) ;
• Improvement of tonus and elasticity of the cutaneous tissue;
• Face lifting and body reshaping;
• Stimulation of the blood circulation ;
• Reduction in centimetres of the treated zone.

Rate: from 60 to 80 € per session, can be integrated with Packs.

The LED therapy

The LED therapy, a very soft therapy, uses the light in its different colors and waves length to act on cells and to restart the natural production of collagen and elastin. Results are visible under 24 h.

Red light: awakens fibroblasts (cell of the skin) to augment collagen and elastin;
Yellow light: ideal in the presence of redness such as couperose, it improves the sanguine and lymphatic circulation while toning muscles up. It has a draining and detoxifying effect.
Green light: efficient against the pigmentary tasks linked to aging, she allows the elucidation of complexion.
Blue light: she treats responsible bacteria as acne as well as healing. She can be used for dental laundering.

Rates: from 50 to 60 € per session, recommended in Pack

The oxytherapy

Advised for all types of skin and all ages, oxytherapy is the perfect balance between efficacy and absolute delicacy. This technology consists of a bio-peeling and a propulsion of active ingredients adapted to your needs – peptides, vitamins, minerals, trace elements – without paraben nor alcohol, perfume, and without tests on animals.

Contrary to the traditional care which stays on the surface of the epidermis, meso-oxygenation transports, by the propulsion of oxygen, molecules and active ingredients up to the basal layer. Since epidermal cells renew themselves in this place, active agents are efficiently used and allow to create long-term significant results:
• young skin gets light and reinforces its capacity to fight the signs of time;
• mature skin regenerates, by an extraordinary face-lift effect, increasing skin tone.

Thus the oxytherapy is recommended for whom want to reduce the signs of aging on the face without having to endure surgery. It is also effective for slimming and quick loss of centimeters with a tonic and healthy skin.

The signs of aging are obviously reduced. Imperfections such as dyschromia, stretch marks, scars, adipose accumulations, cellulitis and traces of acne are attenuated. Cutaneous tonus is restored. To stabilize such spectacular results, it is enough to repeat regularly the first sessions and s session of maintenance time to time.

With this care, we can combine different techniques such as the hydro peeling/propulsion of oxygen and mesotherapy by oxygen – Dermaroller.

Rates: From 40 to 150 € per session, from 15 to 45 minutes, according to the treated zone(s). Advised in Pack.

(Treatment of entier zones Face, Hands, Clivage and half zone such as lower face, eyes contour, mouth contour.)

The micropuncture

For an augmented effectiveness, we can use the micropuncture technology. “Micro needling” creates a double stimulation, biophysical and chemical.
This technology consists in creating numerous micro-perforations in the skin, creating channels going down to the dermis. It allows the stimulation of fibroblasts for a natural activation of the synthesis of the fibers of collagen and elastin. Thus a natural cellular regeneration speeded up is noticed. One speaks about biophysical stimulation (mechanics). Thanks to the created micro-channels, the skin absorbs active principles – vitamins, hyaluronic acid, PRP, etc. – who enter in depth. One speaks about chemical stimulation via absorption.

Indications: wrinkles and fine wrinkles, cutaneous slackening, stretch marks, dilated pores, scars of acne and surgical, tasks, loss of hair, cellulitis.

The Mesowave®

Last born in anti-aging and slimming care, mesotherapy without needles by Mesowave® Premium, which acts by galvanic current. Mesowave® combines several techniques:

• Electroporation by micro-current, which produces an alternating current allowing the intracellular penetration of active ingredients without harming membranes. Exceptional effect, the ingredients remain active up to 48 h;

• The Biostimulating Laser of Class 3 increases the synthesis of collagen and among fibroblasts. It is used in medicine to minimise herpes.

• Ultrasounds, which produce a thermal effect, associated with a massage to stimulate the lymphatic and blood circulation ;

• Iontophoresis especially used to dissolve the fatty masses while allowing the improvement of the blood circulation and the firming up of tissues.

Rate: from 40 to 110 € per session according to the treated zone – Included in Packs.

The pressotherapy

A technology of treatment of blood and lymphatic circulation insufficiency, the pressotherapy consists in sending air by a compressor in inflatable compartments placed on the body and in performing successive pressures through these compartments. This technology is used in several fields of application.

In the beauty care field, the technique stimulates circulation and lymphatic massages which refine the curve of the legs and allow prevention and treatment of varicosities, of stretch marks, water retention as well as heavy, tired and swelled legs and ankles or swelled calves. It is also of use as a supplementary treatment for slimming and for treatment of the cellulitis because a better circulation favours the elimination of toxins and makes easier nutritious exchanges of tissues.

Each Pack includes pressotherapy sessions to help the organism to eliminate the evicted fatty cells.

Rate: 20 € per session, included in Packs.

The cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis destroys grease by the cold. It is a non-invasive liporeduction acting on located fatty masses: belly, buttocks, arms, hips, inside of thighs,… Adipose cells degrade without wronging adjacent tissues. A session of cryolipolysis is followed by a session of cavitation to increase its effect.

The launching of the process of deterioration of adipocytes causes the apoptosis and their progressive dissolution and their natural elimination in 3 weeks. This explains the importance of a healthy metabolism (DERMA method) not to overload organism.

Persons concerned

Those who have a normal BMI but fatty very located mass (belly, hip, jodhpurs). 1 to 3 sessions are required.
Some contraindications can apply, please consult us to discuss it.

Rate: from 250 to 300 € per session for a zone. Possibility to treat 2 zones at the same time (ex: belly and thighs). Decreasing rates

To conclude, no technology by itself provides any miracle solution. It is indeed necessary to clean up your organism to restart an internal dynamics allowing to drain the fatty evicted cells. For in case of a tired metabolism, elimination will be less efficient. It is this synergy which is the key of success!

A Diagnosis Consultation is proposed to you, during which we will take different measures and necessary data before any proposal of protocol, taking into account your specific needs, your metabolism, your availability and your budget. The monitoring consultations are included in our protocols. Do not hesitate to book an appointment.