Radiofrequency, Cavitation & Infrared

Non-invasive body treatments for slimming and against skin slackening
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Radiofrequency is a technology of short waves emission that generates more or less heat by penetrating in superficial tissues according to their consistency. One can heat up to 43° C to get a cell stimulation and collagen production. the contraction of existing fibers leads to tightening the skin, very efficient on cutaneous slackening.

Radiofrequency for unwanted bumps

Applied deeply in the hypodermis, heat attacks too to surplus localized fats. This technique destroys the adipocytes wall, their contents being eliminated by the organism by natural means. Thus the radiofrequency is efficient on the body, by a refinement and firming up of the silhouette. Results are final some weeks after the treatment.


Cavitation & Infrared rays

Red light is absorbed by the fatty cells. This stimulation is going to launch the lipolysis and creates micropores at the level of adipocytes. Fatty contents (fatty acids, glycerol, and water) of these cells will simply be evicted. This fatty excess will be eliminated by the natural ways.

Rates: from 80 to 100 € per session according to the zone to be treated.

It is recommended to include these sessions in a pack coupling other technologies, notably the pressotherapy.