ThermoNutriLift, Lifting without surgery by radiofrequency

Traitement non invasif contre les rides et le relâchement cutané
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Operation principle

No cosmetic product can reach the dermis, which is the reservoir of collagen and elastin. The best creams will only have a superficial action at the level of the epidermis. Radiofrequency treatment heats the deep layers of the skin at a temperature of 43°C, to stimulate the regeneration of collagen. The collagen thus produced firms the skin and gives it back its elasticity. Under the effect of electrical impulses, neocollagenesis occurs in the dermis and its deep layer (fat layer).

This technique is very effective on the face as on the body, by tightening the tissues. It is also on the appearance of cellulite (belly, arms, thighs), reduces the orange peel and fats deposits. Progressive firming takes place during 6 months after treatment. In general, 1 or 2 sessions are sufficient.

Pre-Operative Interview and process

In a Pre-Operative Interview, we will analyze your specifics needs and will establish our recommendation and a quote. According to your needs and your wishes, 1 to 2 sessions will be required.

The ThermoNutriLift can be completed by the PhysioNutriLift, which has a tightening effect. An Anti-Aging tailor-made protocol will also be defined to help to produce a high-quality collagen, multiplying the effects of the radiofrequency treatment. According to the zone, one session can last from 40 minutes to 3 hours. We complete the ThermoNutriLift by other techniques, such as oxytherapy and LED therapy. The results will last 18 to 24 months according to your lifestyle.